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Things to do:
  • Start perennial herbs from seed in flats this month

  • Leave some plants for seed saving

  • Regular watering of plants is important this month

  • Cover tender plants with 30% shade netting 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

  • Can, dry, freeze and give away surplus fruit and vegetables.

  • After harvest, protect soil from sun by planting a cover or compost crop such as buckwheat.

  • Harvest, thresh and mill mature grains planted last autumn. Bake bread from freshly harvest wheat.

  • Stop watering onions when tops bgin to significuantly lost color and fall over stop watering garlic when only six leaves remain fully green. Harvest both crops 10 days later. Pull whole plants, brush off soil ( don’t wash), cure bulbs in a dry, shady place, remove tops (or braid), store in cool, dry place.

  • Thin excess fruit on fruit trees.

Plant Directly: bush beans, beets, broccoli, carrots, swiss chard, corn (short-season varieties), leaf lettuce, parsley, radishes

Start in flats mid-month: carrots, swiss chard, leaf lettuce, parsley, parsnips, rutabaga, new Zealand spinach, turnips

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