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Things to do:
  • Cover compost piles to prevent over-wetting during winter rains. Uncover when it’s not raining so piles can breathe.

  • Give gifts from you garden: dried herbs, braided garlic homemade wine, comb honey, dried fruit, tomato seeds, dried zucchini chips, birdhouse gourds, or a dried bouquet of flowers.

  • Start forcing indoor bulbs for winter color amaryllis, paper whites, hyacinths

  • Spray for peach leaf curl with copper sulfate.

  • For January make holiday garden gift list so you can plan your garden more easily.

Determine the part of your yard which has the best potential for good crop growth bearing the following points in mind:
  • A minimum of 4 hours of full sunlight is needed for any significant food plant growth, and 7 to 11 hours (preferably the latter) are normally required.

  • For areas with low sunlight (4 to 6 hours), try experimenting with the cool season crops (reference)

  • For areas with 7 to 10 hours of full sunlight, cool – and warm season crops (reference)

  • For areas with 11 or more hours of full sunlight, cool, warm – and hot-season crops should thrive!

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