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About us

We love and nurture every plant, ensuring long lasting life.

Weathertop Nursery is nestled in the mountain of Northern California.  
We welcome each person with a smile and would like everyone to have a great experience here.  We strive to educate the best we can on safe practices in gardening by organics and healthy pest and disease management.  The key to a good garden is a healthy one.  The soil is alive and love is put into it to create a beautiful flower garden or a healthy vegetable garden.

Our dream of building a beautiful place for people to come and enjoy. We have payed an active role in their community by supporting the little league, rodeo, schools, the fire department and more. Each year we hold a customer’s appreciation day that brings the community together for a fun filled day of bonding as well as presenting prizes from our merchants. It’s a must attend if you live in Laytonville.
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