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Weathertop Nursery was established in 1978 by Jordon and Beverly Celso and son Jordon Celso Jr. They created a wonderful place for the community members of Laytonville to come and acquire what they needed locally for all garden lovers. Jordon and Beverly held an annual chili cook off that brought the community together for bonding and a joyous occasion.

In 1986 they sold and passed on the business to Jean Marie and Marcia Lagourgue who gave their whole hearts to their dream and continued to expand and offer even more to the community. They ran Weathertop Nursery for 19 successful years before retiring in the summer of 2006 when they decided to pass the torch on and sell the business.

Lurane (Dalton) Cassidy and Harvest Cassidy jumped into the big dream of buying Weathertop Nursery and continuing to follow the path that was set before them. Jean Marie and Marcia were pleased with this transfer and graciously gave Lurane and Harvest one and a half years to train them.

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