Our History

Weathertop Nursery’s History


Students pose in front of the Laytonville school in 1889. The original building is now occupied by Weathertop Nursery’s store.

Weathertop Nursery was established in 1978 by Jordon and Beverly Celso and son Jordon Celso Jr. They created a wonderful place for the community members of Laytonville to come and acquire what they needed locally for all garden lovers. Jordon and Beverly held an annual chili cook off that brought the community together for bonding and a joyous occasion.

In 1986 they sold and passed on the business to Jean Marie and Marcia Lagourgue who gave their whole hearts to their dream and continued to expand and offer even more to the community. They ran Weathertop Nursery for 19 successful years before retiring in the summer of 2005 when they decided to pass the torch on and sale the business.

When it came up for sale, Lurane (Dalton) Cassidy and Harvest Cassidy jumped into the big dream of buying Weathertop Nursery and continuing to follow the path that was set before them. Jean Marie and Marcia were pleased with this transfer and graciously gave Lurane and Harvest a one and half year

Customers enjoy Weathertop Nursery Customer Appreciation Day, held annually apprenticeship to learn and maintain such a big endeavor.

In December of 2006 they took over as the new owners. Lurane and Harvest have continued to grow and expand Weathertop Nursery with a dream of building a beautiful place for people to come and enjoy. They play an active role in their community by supporting the little league, rodeo, schools, the fire department and more. Each year they hold a customer’s appreciation day that brings the community together for a fun filled day of bonding as well as presenting prizes from their merchants. It’s a must attend if you live in Laytonville.

Lurane and Harvest both grew up and graduated high school in Laytonville. They both came from large families and have worked diligently together to be where they are today. They are going on 23 blissful years together, demonstrating a strong relationship of love, friendship and a life together. “We love this little town and the people in it. Neither of us would be who we are now without the love, support and encouragement given over the years from friends and the town of Laytonville, all of whom enlightened us to be ourselves and follow our dreams.” – Lurane (Dalton) Cassidy, Owner and Operator.

Weathertop Nursery now has 20 wonderful dedicated employees and is a busy little place with much to offer all. Please stop by and have a peak. “We welcome each person with a smile and a great experience. We strive to educate the best we can on safe practices in gardening by organics and healthy pest and disease management. The key to a good garden is a healthy one. The soil is alive and love is put into each plant to have it be the best it can be, from a beautiful flower garden to a healthy vegetable garden, both to be enjoyed from beauty of healthy living.” – Lurane (Dalton) Cassidy, Owner and Operator.

Here at Weathertop Nursery we want to feel good about what we are doing and what we put back into the community. Through good advice and safe practices we as a community can garden conscientiously and walk the ground softly leaving small footprints and much beauty for the future to come. Please lets know what we can do to make Weathertop Nursery the best it can be.

“We are here for you in hopes that you have a good experience. May your journey in your garden follow you throughout your life. May it always have light rain, sunshine and beautiful benefits forever.” 

Lurane (Dalton) Cassidy –
Owner and Operator

“Laugh, Love and Live!”